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Pandas: Mother and Baby, Aug. 22 and 27

Here is a chance to do Barbara Powell's popular painting featuring a mama panda bear and her cub! Although this is a Barbara Powell original creation, it is an offshoot of the single adult panda found in Bob Ross' wildlife painting series. Continue reading

Mountain Majesty, Oct. 3 and 8

This Bob Ross Mountain Reflections painting is a favorite of Barbara Powell's students and several  have asked her to offer another lesson this year featuring this particular subject. Continue reading

By the Sea, Oct. 24, Chambersburg only

This beautiful landscape/seascape painting, found in Bob Ross' book 21, is being brought back by popular demand. Don't miss the chance to do this beautiful seascape. Continue reading

Cardinal in The Window, Nov. 7 and Nov. 12

With Christmas just around the corner, Bob Ross Certified Art Instructor Barbara Powell offers a snowy lesson featuring a bright red Cardinal, a local resident who doesn't fly south in the fall, but winters in our area. Continue reading

Winter Barn, Feb. 28 and March 5

This snowy scene of a couple of barns or outbuildings beside a just plowed road is a Barbara Powell original. Continue reading

Red Sunset, March 7 and 12

Taking a break from winter,  Barbara Powell's students in both Chambersburg PA and Hagerstown MD will have an opportunity to learn how to paint a vivid sunset using this Bill Alexander original as a guide.  Continue reading

Valley Waterfall: Feb 14 and 19

Mountains and water were among the late Bob Ross'favorite subjects. He combined those two elements in this painting, which is the subject of lessons in Chambersburg, Pa. and Hagerstown, Md. Continue reading

Kitten or puppy in a basket: May 21

You will have a choice during this lesson of putting a fluffy white kitten or an adorable little puppy in a basket of lilacs in this painting inspired by artist Annette Kowaski. Continue reading

Seaside Harmony, July 19 and 24

CLASS FULL. Register now for waiting list. You will be called in the event of a cancellation. Continue reading

Peaceful Dock, March 8 and 13

This peaceful dock scene reminds us of a tranquil summer day made for Lazing around and enjoying nature at its very best. The painting is A Barbara Powell original and will be a break from the traditional Bob Ross paintings featured in most of Barbara's lessons. Continue reading

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