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Thursday, March 29, 2012

It’s all in the eyes: At left is a chart of animal eyes artist Barbara Powell has prepared for students who take her wildlife painting classes. She has done a similar chart with a variety of shapes and shades of dog and cat eyes to help her students with Saturday’s pet portrait class.

So, lets hear a bit more about that class: Barbara has done several things to make the class easier for her students – from drawing our pets on canvasses prepared with gray gesso to painting two separate drawings (a cat and a dog) with acrylic so we can see what the first stage (underpainting) should look like when completed.

As many of you know, Barb is battling a bad case of poison ivy this week, but she still has been busy preparing for Saturday’s class in which we will paint portraits of our pets using a combined acrylic-oil paint technique.

In addition to drawing our pets on the canvas for us and doing the cat and dog in acrylic, she has made a chart for us to follow with various eyes of cats and dogs. She prepared another chart showing long and short fur and yet another showing how to paint a pet’s nose.

She also hopes to finish another example of a cat or dog or both, but in color stage, if she has the energy.

These teaching aids make it so much easier for us when we get in class and begin to paint our own pets.

So thanks, Barb, from all ten of your students who are taking Saturday’s class.

I am eager to attempt my own pet portrait on Saturday. Barb is such an excellent teacher and the other animal paintings we have done in her class have all turned out so well. All 10 of us enrolled in this class have been taking lessons from Barb so we all know pretty much what to expect.

Barb says she is also excited about this awesome opportunity to teach a different type of class, using Bob Ross’ unique painting technique.

“This will be an interesting class as everyone pet is so different and they all are so cute,” Barb said this week when she gave me the basic information for this blog post.

I can hardly wait for Saturday and the opportunity to do my pet portrait. But even more, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to see all the different pet portraits when we are finished.

Be sure and check this website Saturday night or Sunday to see those finished portraits and their creators by clicking the “student’s art” tab.

Barb says to tell all of you have signed up that she will see you Saturday.

Meanwhile, come back here tomorrow for an update on Barb’s poison ivy treatment and perhaps an additional tidbit or two about future art lessons.

Vicky Taylor,

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