Bob Ross Floral Method

We use soft oil paints when we do flowers. They are specially made to be soft and just the right consistency.


When we do flowers we usually sketch the placement of the flowers on the dry canvas first. But we only block them in by making only the outside shapes. We do not sketch any details of the flowers.


Next we add mixtures of mauve, turquoise, and ultramarine blue to the background. Sometimes we only use liquid white or liquid opal.


We use the one inch brush to do the background and them we use a blender brush to blend the background.


We then add subtle background leaves with mixtures of colors and then we block in dark foliage areas with greens and blues.


After that we use a half inch brush to block in the flowers using a undercolor.


We fan out the colors for the petals with a darker color. Then we highlight the flower petals with white.


Flowers are fun.

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