Getting ready to paint

Getting ready to paint…
Wednesday, Oct. 12

This fantastic wet-on-wet technique owes its success to special base coats developed and sold by Bob Ross’ company: Liquid clear, liquid white, liquid black. The idea that a thin paint will stick to a thick paint is the basis for this entire technique. This principal is one of the Golden Rules and should be remembered at all times.


In our Mountain Serenity painting this weekend, we will use Liquid White . The application of this medium will thin other colors right on the canvas rather than working ourselves to death on the palette.


When we begin our painting on Saturday, our first step will be to make our canvas wet by applying a thin even coat of the liquid white. There is a special technique to this. If you put on too much of the medium, the paints you apply over it will run. Too little and the heavier paint that is used to create your painting won’t flow smoothly enough.


We use the fingertip test to determine exactly when we have our liquid white base just right. Once our canvas is properly prepared, we are ready to get into the fun part of the lesson – applying the paint to the canvas.


Tomorrow we will talk about the next steps we take to create our masterpiece.

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