Art Classes

Landscape: Waterfall in the Woods, April 24

This lesson by Certified Bob Ross Instructor Barbara Powell will be held in Hagerstown MD only. The beautiful painting features a beautiful waterfall cascading down a cliff deep in the woods. Continue reading

Landscape: Deep Forest Falls, May 3 and 15

Calling all artists looking forward to summer, plenty of greenery and perhaps a sparkling stream to admire from the side of the bank or perhaps even soak their feet into following that late spring hike up to the waterfall! Continue reading

Landscape: Distant Windmill, April 26 and May 1

This beautiful painting with a windmill sitting beteen two farm buildings in the distance features a gorgeous orange and yellow sky, with the brilliant colors reflected in a river in the foreground. Continue reading

Landscape: Mountain Splendor, April 12, 17 and19

This Mountain Splendor painting has a little bit of everything for the budding artist. Students will learn a wide variety of brush strokes as well as the art of color mixing and use of the palette knife as teacher Barbara Powell walks them through this beautiful painting found in Bob Ross' Joy of Painting Book 7. Continue reading

January 11, 18 classes moved to February

Two January classes have been cancelled and moved to the first two Saturdays of February. Barbara and Woody will be out of town those two weeks. Continue reading