Art Classes

Sunlit Cliffside, Oct. 11 and 16

A combination of mist rising from the base and sun bouncing off the top of these majestic cliffs creates a dramatic painting for this lesson taught by Bob Ross Certified Instructor Barbara Powell. Continue reading

Northwest Majesty, Oct. 4 and 9

This beautiful scene of mountains and forest as seen through the eyes of Oregon artist Diane Andre' will be the subject of two classes by Bob Ross Certified Instructor Barbara Powell in Pennsylvania and Maryland in October. Continue reading

Grandpa’s Front Porch, Sept. 20 and 25

Here is another original painting that Bob Ross Certified Instructor Barbara Powell created especially for her students in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Reminiscent of a small town scene, this painting depicts an idyllic setting in which an American flag flies prominently from the front porch of a solidly built old house. Continue reading

Eagle’s Flight, Sept. 13 and 18

Certified Bob Ross instructor Barbara Powell has created this beautiful painting of an eagle soaring high above a rocky cliff especially for her Pennsylvania and Maryland students. Continue reading

Country Charm, Sept. 6 and 11

Barbara Powell's art students will learn how to paint this charming country scene this month during classes in Chambersburg and Hagerstown. Continue reading

Kitten or puppy in a basket, September 4

You will have a choice during this lesson of putting a fluffy white kitten or an adorable little puppy in a basket of lilacs in this painting inspired by artist Annette Kowaski, who with her husband owns the official Bob Ross website and line of Bob Ross paints and products. Continue reading