Art Classes

Pandas: Mother and Baby, Aug. 22 and 27

Here is a chance to do Barbara Powell's popular painting featuring a mama panda bear and her cub! Although this is a Barbara Powell original creation, it is an offshoot of the single adult panda found in Bob Ross' wildlife painting series. Continue reading

Hanging Pot of Poppies, Aug. 29 and Sept. 3

Here is your chance to hone your skills at painting flowers. This beautiful hanging brass pot filled with bright red poppies is easier to paint that you would imagine. Come out on January 12 and try your hand at creating an eye-catching painting that will add color and style to any wall. Continue reading

Egret Paradise, Sept. 5 and 10

Barbara Powell created this original Florida Everglades painting just for her students and will introduce it at this class. Continue reading

Sunflowers in a basket, Sept. 12 and 17

Barbara Powell's students will have an opportunity to paint this lovely basket of sunflowers in classes both in Chambersburg, PA and Hagerstown, Md. this month. The sunflowers are part of the Bob Ross floral collection put together by Ross friend and partner Annette Kowalski using the Ross wet-on-wet method to create beautiful floral still life. Continue reading

Purple Hyacinths, Sept. 26 and Oct. 1

Many of Barbara's students are hesitant to try floral paintings, but this Annette Kowalski creation featuring purple hyacinths interspeced with daiseys is particulary easy to do, and would make a beautiful wall hanging or gift. (Think birthdays or Christmas for your favorite flower lover.) Continue reading

Mountain Majesty, Oct. 3 and 8

This Bob Ross Mountain Reflections painting is a favorite of Barbara Powell's students and several  have asked her to offer another lesson this year featuring this particular subject. Continue reading

By the Sea, Oct. 24, Chambersburg only

This beautiful landscape/seascape painting, found in Bob Ross' book 21, is being brought back by popular demand. Don't miss the chance to do this beautiful seascape. Continue reading