Art Classes

View from the Porch: Apr. 11 and 16

Celebrate warmer weather with this Barbara Powell original landscape she is calling "A View From The Porch." Continue reading

The Lighthouse: Mar. 28 and Apr. 2

Now is your chance to do a version of this popular coastal scene for yourself or as a gift for someone special. Continue reading

Midnight Owl: May 23 and 28

If you missed the last class offered for this magnificent night time owl painting earlier this year, here's your chance to try it during two classes in May. Continue reading

Kitten or puppy in a basket: May 9 and 14

You will have a choice during this lesson of putting a fluffy white kitten or an adorable little puppy in a basket of lilacs in this painting inspired by artist Annette Kowaski. Continue reading

Bucket of Daisies, Apr. 4 and 9

It's spring again at last, so Barbara has chosen a big bucket of bright, spring-like daisys for this week's lesson. The daisys are set against a wooden fence, giving students another chance to perfect Bob Ross' technique that creates a wood-grain effect on the painted fence "boards." Continue reading

Forest’s Edge, April 18, 23 and 30

A squirrel perches on a branch overlooking a forest path in this beautiful painting featured in an upcoming Barbara Powell art class. Students will learn a lot of basics while painting this beautiful scene using traditional Bob Ross "wet-on-wet" techniques. Continue reading