Art Classes

Country Charm, Sept. 6 and 11

Barbara Powell's art students will learn how to paint this charming country scene this month during classes in Chambersburg and Hagerstown. Continue reading

Mountain Hideaway, Aug. 9 and 14

Imagine yourself getting away from it all in this idyllic Mountain Hideaway, or better yet hanging your own original oil painting of that scenic Hideaway over the fireplace in your living room or den. Continue reading

Pastel Seascape, August 16

Dreaming of a late summer trip to the beach this month? If that's just not in the cards for you,try painting this beautiful Bob Ross Seascape instead. Continue reading

Kitten or puppy in a basket, September 4

You will have a choice during this lesson of putting a fluffy white kitten or an adorable little puppy in a basket of lilacs in this painting inspired by artist Annette Kowaski, who with her husband owns the official Bob Ross website and line of Bob Ross paints and products. Continue reading

Fantasy Flowers, August 2 and 7

Soft pastels are used to create this spray of beautiful poppies during classes in Chambersburg PA and Hagerstown MD as we resume art lessons with certified Bob Ross Instructor Barbara Powell in August following a long summer break. . Continue reading

Seaside Harmony, July 19 and 24

CLASS FULL. Register now for waiting list. You will be called in the event of a cancellation. Continue reading

Evergreen at Sunset, July 26 and 31

This beautiful painting featuring a setting sun seen through a forest of pine trees can be found in Bob Ross' Joy of Painting Book 7. Barbara has changed the painting slightly for this lesson, adding a river running through the forest. Continue reading

January 11, 18 classes moved to February

Two January classes have been cancelled and moved to the first two Saturdays of February. Barbara and Woody will be out of town those two weeks. Continue reading