Art Classes

View From The Shore, June 6 and 11

Barbara adapted this beautiful landscape from a Wilson Bickford original, adding several touches of her own to make it unique.  Continue reading

Sunlight in the Shadows: May 30 and June 4

This Bob Ross painting combines light and shadows to create an unusual forest landscape. Continue reading

Mountain Splendor, July 2

NOTE: July 2 in Hagerstown. This class replaces the MAY 7 class that has been cancelled. This painting is one of two that Bob Ross titled Mountain Splendor featuring a lake with a mountain in the background. Continue reading

Midnight Owl: May 23 and 28

If you missed the last class offered for this magnificent night time owl painting earlier this year, here's your chance to try it during two classes in May. Continue reading

Kitten or puppy in a basket: May 9 and 21

You will have a choice during this lesson of putting a fluffy white kitten or an adorable little puppy in a basket of lilacs in this painting inspired by artist Annette Kowaski. Continue reading